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We offer the latest technology available. We offer equipment for nearly every budget. Give us a call to find the products that are right for you! (mobile phone users click images for details)

Harris XL-200P Multi-band P25 portable. Phase 2 capable, and approved on WVSIRN.

The Harris XL-400 Extreme is designed for the tough demands of the fire service. It has all the features of the XL-200P, but adds glove-friendly knobs and ergonomics.

The Harris XL-45P is an affordable and rugged portable. The XL-45 is a good option for those who need a professional grade radio on a tight budget.

Harris XL-200M Multi-band Mobile P25 radio. This unit can be set up as a remote mount, and supports multiple control heads. Phase 2 capable, and approved on WVSIRN.

Harris XG-25M P25 mobile is available in a dash or remote mount and available in VHF or UHF. WVSIRN approved.

The Tait TP-9800 multi-band radio is the latest addition to the Tait family. This radio combines multiple radios into one, and adds the ruggedness of being Tait Tough.

Tait TP-9500/9600 is available in P25 or DMR. This is one of the toughest portable radios on the market.

The Tait TP3 is an affordable option that comes in both analog and DMR digital.

Tait TM9300/9400 mobile radio is available in either P25 or DMR.

The Tait hand-held control head for the TM-9400 is perfect for those vehicles that are short on space.

The Tait TB7300 base station/repeater is available in analog, P25, or DMR and has a 50 watt output.

Tait TB-9300/9400 repeater is available in 50 or 100 watt models. This repeater is available as either a P25/analog or DMR unit.

Zetron's Max Dispatch system rockets your 911 center into the furure. Max Dispatch is Zetron's latest and one of the world's most trusted radio dispatch systems.

Zetron's Max Call Taking is a user-friendly phone system for your 911 PSAP that can be interfaced with Max Dispatch in order to use a single headset for phone and radio.

Zetron's Max CAD is one of the top CAD systems on the market today. Max CAD allows dispatchers to easily take call information and dispatch agencies with the click of a mouse in most cases.

Zetron's Max GIS is used in conjunction with Max CAD to provide dispatchers with the latest technology in mapping data.

Icom F7000 series P25 portables are a good choice for users that are planning a migration from analog to P25 on a tight budget.

Icom F7000 series P25 mobiles are a good choice for a future migration to P25. This unit can be remote mounted and supports dual control heads.

Icom F5061/6061 mobile radio. This is an analog only unit and available in either VHF or UHF.

Icom V10MR is a 2 watt portable radio that is pre-programmed with unlicensed MURS frequencies. This is the perfect radio for retail or construction use.

Icom FR5200H/6200H repeater is a 50 watt 100% duty cycle repeater. This unit is capable of both analog and IDAS digital.

Tomar Spider front interior bar. This visor bar is available for most popular vehicles and provides powerful warning power.

Tomar Scorpion LED lightbars are available in multiple colors, lengths, and can come with colored lenses. These bars are constructed of solid, aluminum and Lexan lenses to prevent fogging.

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